Where does your MP stand on the Alternative Vote?

9 Jan
Constituency Map of Northern Ireland

Image Copyright CAIN Web Service

The supporters of the old politics have a problem.

They refuse to defend the current system and, as has been reported this week this week, they are now even confused about which MPs support them.

What really matters in this referendum is what the people want, not politicians. But since they are meant to represent us, it is only right that we know which MPs agree with the basic principle that they should depend on have to get more than 50% of the vote to get elected, and which ones feel that it is business as usual.

With the referendum just four months away this week, it is time your MP picked a side. Are they afraid to work a little bit harder? Do they back the Westminster “jobs for life” culture? Or do they want to give voters more of a say? Either way – we want them on the record.

Please take a moment now to explain to your MP why you want change. And if they don’t want change, ask them why they support first past the post.

Ask your MP “yes or no” now.

All we want is a bit of clarity. The more letters they receive, the more pressure they’ll feel to pick a side. So please take five minutes to write to your MP today – and encourage your friends to do the same.


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