2011: A Political Oddity starring Ken Clarke

7 Mar
Ballot Box showing preferential voting

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“Bring in highly odd and more extreme people” pleads Ken Clarke, speaking about what AV ‘really’ means for the UK. “Don’t vote Yes to AV – you are going to get an even odder collection of politicians”, he cries. How the mighty have fallen!

Reduced to predicting the apocalypse and using the type of attacks that would embarrass even a 9-year-old, Ken Clarke provides the perfect example of No2AV’s ongoing and ludicrous campaign to drag First-Past-The-Post out of the graveyard where it rightly belongs.

Yet this is just the latest in a long line of bizarre antics from the No2AV camp. With its made-up sums, botched poll and chronic unwillingness to defend the failed system it alleges to support, the No camp persist in avoiding the real issues, instead offering only the thinnest veneer of debate, using their fanciful nightmares to distract from reality.

Well let us look at the facts. The current system allows MPs to be voted in on just 3 out of 10 votes. It encourages tactical voting and narrows our choice in viable candidates. It allows MPs to abuse this system and keep jobs for life. It makes some votes worthless. If an MP wins with just 3 out of 10 votes, 7 votes were cast for nothing. Hardly representative.

Let’s stick with the facts.

AV empowers the population and makes votes count. It forces MPs to work harder. It gives the public a real choice. It means MPs will be elected with at least 50% support.

And David Cameron wonders how people could possibly think AV can help restore some faith in our politics.

We have the opportunity to vote in a system which makes the way we elect our MPs just. All the stubborn opposition want to do is play politics as usual. Fits their campaign perfectly. Is Ken Clarke so out of touch, to believe the public will elect odd and unusual people, that he is willing to deny them real power at the ballot box?

An opinion piece by Belfast-based Yes! to Fairer Votes supporter Patrick


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