Yes! in Derry/Londonderry

29 Mar

Our banner flying from the City walls at Guildhall Square

The YES! campaign has taken to the road to explain to people why it’s so important to vote YES! on 5 May. In the words of Gerry Anderson we went to Stroke City.

The team had an action packed day, campaigning across the city with Pól Callaghan and Martin Reilly, meeting John Hume, Colum Eastwood and Mark H. Durkan in and around the city as well as student leaders at Magee.  The campaign banner – Norn Iron says Yes – hanging from the city walls helped raise awareness about the move to fairer votes.

Northern Ireland organiser Stephen Glenn said:

“We are delighted to be in Northern Ireland’s second city to talk to voters and explain why such a small change will make such a big difference.  A YES! vote on 5 May will make MPs work harder for our support, gives us a stronger voice over who wins, and will stop “jobs for life” for MPs.  To have the support of Ireland’s Greatest in John Hume is a real boost to our campaign.”

Stephen Glenn, with John Hume, Martin Reilly and Pól Callaghan

With Mayor Colum Eastwood

With student leaders at the University of Ulster

Mark H Durkan joined us at "Hands across the divide" to say Yes!


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