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Eddie Izzard came to Belfast to say Yes!

1 May

Eddie Izzard being interviewed upon arrival at George Best Airport

Today Eddie Izzard made a flying visit to Belfast as part of the build up to the vote on Thursday about changing the way we elect our MPs.

An empassioned Eddie Izzard talking to people on the street about AV
Within an hour of his arrival, he had talked to people on the streets, leafletted outside Black Box, people on the streets and outside bars, given words of encouragement to runners in tomorrow’s marathon, met with political leaders, managed to get into two couples sets of wedding pictures (one with all the guests) and carried out various interviews with members of the press as he was walking along.
Eddie with leaders and supporters
He’s also met with many of the people involved in the Yes! campaign here locally from many parties and none. People who have been pounding the streets of Northern Ireland, making phone calls, leafletting at many events letting people here know that a Yes! vote on Thursday is a vote that really matters.
Eddie meeting with runners in tomorrow's marathon

Eddie was in Paris Yesterday doing his stand up routine in French. But from today through to Thursday he is touring the UK encouraging people wherever he goes to vote to make a small change that will make a big difference to how we elect our MPs to Westminster.

Join Eddie and many thousands of others by saying Yes! this Thursday.


The answer is AV. The answer is YES!

1 May