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South Belfast voters are saying YES! to Fairer Votes

21 Apr
10,000 voter of the YES! campaign

South Belfast voter Andrew Liggins says YES! to Fairer Votes.

As you will see from here and other places online, the YES! campaign in Northern Ireland has been the length and breadth of the province – from Enniskillen, to Armagh, Belfast, Londonderry/Derry, Coleraine, Portrush as well as making the trip to Rathlin Island.

Today the campaign is out and about in South Belfast connecting with local voters including Andrew Liggins who said he is voting YES!

On May 5th Andrew’s MP, Alistair McDonnell who is a member of the SDLP will be voting YES as well. This will mean that in the next election he will need to get more than 50% of the vote to be elected.

If you would like to get more involved, please visit yesni.info


Queen’s students say Yes! to Fairer Votes

3 Feb

Former QUBSU VP Community Laura Hawthorne saying Yes! to Fairer Votes outside Queen's University, Belfast.

At the Refreshers Bazaar in the Students’ Union at QUB yesterday, many students said ‘Yes!’ to Fairer Votes as Northern Ireland gears up for the most important constitutional change in recent history. Not since the nineteenth century has there been such an opportunity to change how MPs are elected to Parliament. Headlines in the last year have included

Expenses Scandal MPs to appear in Court

and in Northern Ireland

Robinson defends £30,000 food claims

Students are becoming much more interested in politics with the cuts being brought in by the Government in Westminster. Many are concerned that MPs do not represent them at all but are only interested in representing their own interests.

Support from students

Support was gained from many of the student political parties present at the bazaar including the SDLP youth, Socialist Party, Alliance Youth, Labour in NI, and the NI Liberal Democrats as well as the Queen’s Politics Society and from many individual students.

SDLP representative for South Belfast, Conall McDevitt MLA also called at our stand and reaffirmed his pledge to campaign with us as we work towards May 5th.

Recent Queen’s graduate and former student union vice president (community), Laura Hawthorne, explained why it is so vital that Northern Ireland says Yes! on 5th May:

So many issues are decided at Westminster which impact on students and recent graduates here in Northern Ireland. With the Assembly seemingly intent on maintaining the parity on benefits and student fees, we must have a better say in who our MPs are at the next election.

Fairer Votes Belfast coordinator, Michael Carchrie Campbell said:

This year, William McCrea got in with 33.9% of the total vote¹ in his constituency. That is not fair. 66.1% of people did not vote for him – yet that’s who the people of South Antrim got to represent them in the House of Commons.

If you want to make politics fairer – to make the MPs work harder for you at Westminster, please sign up at Yes! to Fairer Votes.

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1. election data from NI Elections